1. What is SWLSIY?

SWLSIY stands for South West London and Surrey Iyengar Yoga. It is a group Member of Iyengar Yoga (UK) (IY (UK)).

The SWLSIY constitution states that the purpose of the SWLSIY is:

(a) To promote public understanding of the principles of Yoga established by Yogacharya B. K. S. Iyengar (Iyengar yoga).

(b) To co-ordinate, throughout the area, classes for the instruction and training of the public in the principles of Iyengar Yoga, and to arrange and provide for the holding of demonstrations, meetings, lectures and classes.

(c) To register all persons subscribing to the Member group, to Iyengar Yoga (UK) and to pay Iyengar Yoga (UK) membership fee on behalf of such persons.

(d) To publicise its activities.

(e) To maintain links with other Iyengar Yoga Member groups and to send a representative to Iyengar Yoga (UK) meetings.

(f) To foster a friendly community spirit and encourage harmony and unity amongst members

2. Is SWLSIY associated with IY (UK)?

Yes, SWLSIY is a member of Iyengar Yoga (UK) or IY (UK). This means that any member of SWLSIY is automatically also a member of IY UK. As long as SWLSIY has over 50 members we can send a representative to IY (UK) meetings.

3. What is IY (UK)?

IY (UK) provides a network of information about Iyengar Yoga and Yoga events in the United Kingdom. Many groups of members have formed local groups which themselves spread information and hold events on a local scale; others remain as Individual members. All members receive a twice-yearly news letter called the Iyengar Yoga News.

IY (UK) is responsible for maintaining standards of teaching of Iyengar yoga, and undertakes regular assessments and certification of those wishing to teach from Introductory up to Senior levels. It also co-ordinates Professional Development Days throughout the United Kingdom, to enable teachers to remain up-to-date and to help maintain the validity of their teaching certificates. In addition IY (UK) provides insurance cover for teacher members. An Iyengar Yoga Convention is held each year in a different place throughout the United Kingdom, during which one or more senior guest teachers from the United Kingdom or abroad takes classes over a weekend. The Annual General Meeting is held each year at one of the Conventions.

4. What is a Member group of IY (UK)?

Member groups are non profit-making membership organisations committed to promoting the practice and philosophy of Iyengar yoga in their areas. They offer a wide range of classes and workshops led by qualified teachers with years of experience. When you join IY (UK) you can join as an Individual Member (not taking out membership of your chosen local Member group) or you can join your local Member group, such as SWLSIY, at the same time.

As a member of both your Member group and IY (UK) you are entitled to all the benefits of both:

  • Newsflashes of local Iyengar yoga events, workshops, new classes, weekends
  • Free copies of Iyengar Yoga News published twice a year by IY (UK)
  • Local events and classes at reduced prices
  • Information about national IY (UK) conventions
  • Regular updates by e-mail on all up and coming Iyengar Yoga events, workshops, conventions, holidays etc in the UK, Ireland and overseas.
  • The opportunity to network with other Iyengar yoga practitioners.
  • It most cases (different groups have different membership rates) it is cheaper to join a Member group and IY (UK) together than to join just IY (UK) as an Individual Member without joining a Member group.
5. Who can join SWLSIY?

Anyone who is interested in Iyengar Yoga can join SWLSIY. Students and teachers of Iyengar yoga can join, and you do not even have to live in or near South West London or Surrey to join.

6. I don’t live in South West London or Surrey – can I join?

Yes - anyone who is interested in Iyengar Yoga can join SWLSIY. Students and teachers of Iyengar yoga can join, and you do not have to live in South West London or Surrey to join.

7. If I join SWLSIY do I also have to join IY UK?

By joining SWLSIY you will automatically become a member of IY (UK). You do not have to join IY (UK) separately. You are encouraged to join via the IY (UK) website, though if you join via the SWLSIY website you will automatically be enrolled as a member of IY (UK) too.Teachers should join and renew via the IY (UK) website so you can pay your insurance and other fees excluding membership direct to IY (UK). You will have an opportunity when you do to indicate that you are joining or renewing your SWLSIY membership at the same time.

8. Is SWLSIY a charity?

No. It is a non-profit making membership organisation.

9. Where is SWLSIY?

SWLSIY does not its own dedicated building. Events and meetings take place at different venues in the area. The registered address is 127a St Johns Avenue, Putney, SW15 6AL.

10. I have only just started Iyengar yoga – can I join SWLSIY?

Yes - anyone who is interested in Iyengar Yoga can join SWLSIY.

11. How do I join or renew membership?

You can join or renew membership via the Iyengar Yoga (UK) website. If you prefer, non-teachers can join via the SWLSIY website - fill in a membership form (under Join Here) and make your payment.

12. How much does it cost to join?

Membership rates change each year – check the Iyengar Yoga (UK) website under Membership and Joining, or the SWLSIY website under Join Here for the current fee.

13. Does it cost more to join SWLSIY than to join IY (UK)?

No, the cost to you will always be the same or even less, plus you get the benefit of joining your local groupas well as the national organisation. IY (UK) encourages membership of Member groups such as the SWLSIY and so they charge a reduced membership fee for people who join Member groups compared with people who join directly.

14. What are the benefits of membership?

As a member of both your Member group and IY (UK) you are entitled to:

15. What happens to surplus funds?

In no circumstances can any profit be distributed to members, but any assets accumulated shall be re-invested in SWLSIY or used to further the aims and objectives of SWLSIY.

16. How long does my membership last?

The SWLSIY membership year is aligned with the IY (UK) membership year and runs from 1st April to 30 March. You can join at any time during the year.

17. How do I renew my membership?

IY (UK) will send you a reminder every year.

18. If I join part-way through the year is it cheaper?

The membership year is 1st April to 30 March but you can join at any time. The fee is the same no matter what point during the year you join, and renewal is always 1st April.

19. How do I find out more about SWLSIY?

How do I find out about yoga events in the area? How can I get involved? Check our website – www.swlsiyi.org.uk, or you can contact us via email on SWLSIYI@gmail.com

20. I already joined IY (UK) this year – can I join SWLSIY?

Yes, if you have joined IY (UK) directly this year, you can still join SWLSIY. You should complete the SWLSIY Membership form and forward it to SWLSIY with your membership fee.

21. I am already a member of another Member group – can I also join SWLSIY?

Yes, you can join SWLSIY even if you are already a member of another group. The Member group you join first is your Primary group, and SWLSIY would be your Secondary group. There is a reduced fee in this case – please email swlsiyi@gmail.com to ask for this year’s rate.

22. I have lost/forgotten my membership number - can you help?

Your IY (UK) membership number is visible in the top right hand corner of the Home page when you log in to the IY (UK) website.

23. Can I cancel my membership?

Sorry, it is not possible to cancel your membership for the current year once you have joined.